Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to pack for a year

Blog post at LostGirlsWorld

The list of gear she relied on heavily is quite interesting:
  1. Bag in a Bag
  2. Zinetic Pocket Slippers
  3. Headlamp
  4. Pack towel
  5. Sleep sack/sleeping bag
  6. Ziploc Big Bags
  7. Fleece Pillowcase
  8. iPod
  9. U-Pillow
  10. Compression Sacks
The list of gear she got rid of is also quite instructive:
  1. Synthetic long sleeve tops (start to smell after prolonged use)
  2. Travel shirts
I'm particularly intrigued by Zinetic Pocket Slippers, as they are cheaper (and perhaps slightly more socially acceptable) than Vibram FiveFingers. Unfortunately, Zinetic appears to be a small manufacturer and it's difficult to find any stores with stock.

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wooden said...

hmm, i have every on the list except those slippers =) i shall acquire them.