Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Building Trust

Blog post at Rands in Repose

My belief is that a team built on trust and respect is vastly more productive and efficient than the one where managers are distant supervisors and co-workers are 9-to-5 people you occasionally see in meetings. You’re not striving to be everyone’s pal; that’s not the goal. The goal is a set of relationships where there is a mutual belief in each other’s reliability, truth, ability, and strengths.

And I've never heard this definition of trash-talking, but it makes so much sense:

Trash talking is improvisational critical thinking — it’s the art of building comedy in the moment with only the immediate materials provided.

Key thing I took from this post isn't the rules for B.A.B. - substitute the tool that best fits your own situation. For us (this week), that might be Lego Star Wars on the GameCube. It explicitly requires teamwork and the sense of shared accomplishment is a great way to build/maintain trust.

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