Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A discussion about bar charts

A post responding to Seth Godin by Stephen Few

The three laws of great graphs (according to Seth Godin):
  1. One story
  2. No bar charts
  3. Motion
Stephen Few's opinion is that Seth Godin is using hyperbole to make a point, but overstates the weaknesses of bar charts. The blog post then proceeds to analyze (in detail) the strengths of bar charts in comparison to Seth Godin's suggested use of pie charts.

There is also a link to another leader in the field of data visualization, Jon Peltier, discussing bar charts versus pie charts.

Reading that blog post led to another blog post at the same site, this one with many useful links.

Bonus link to Cytoscape, which looks useful for visualizing networks

Another bonus link to visualcomplexity.com, which has a gallery of data visualizations (mostly networks, but some others).

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